Forever Living Products Network Marketing Online
After suffering from the terrible effects of a devastating  earthquake in 1976 in their home country of Guatemala,  where 20,000 people died, Marco & Milagro  Dubon wanted  to get a fresh start  in the United States. Little did they know at the time that a whole new  world of  opportunity  would come into their lives  the “Forever”  way.
The Dubons had a very tough time making ends meet in the
 beginning. Marco was trained as a tailor by his father in Guatemala, but did not enjoy it. He also worked in a  furniture
factory for a while. Milagro did small jobs at first, but proved to be a talented and productive shoe salesperson. In fact, she was one of the top producers for her company.
Both of them suffered from some physical maladies for years.
They were introduced to another network marketing company
promoting other health products and did “okay” there for a couple of years. But that company just didn’t seem to be the right one for them. In November 1980, Marco & Milagro were introduced to Forever Living Products by Diamond Managers Jaime &  Lydia Herrera. They were initially drawn to the company because of wonderful results from drinking the Aloe Vera Juice. When they discovered Forever’s incomparable compensation plan, they knew they had found the company and business of their dreams. In their first month as distributors they were consumers  only, but noticed there was a great demand for products as pure  and potent as FLP’s. In their second month, they built a team  and qualified as Managers. In their third month, they quit their other jobs and went full time with Forever. And the rest is  history!
Marco and Milagro moved up quickly and earned their first of ten Earned Incentive automobiles. They qualified as Senior, Soaring, Sapphire, Diamond Sapphire, Diamond, and Double Diamond Managers. They qualified each year as President’s Club members and Profit Sharing Managers, and have traveled all over the world on FLP luxury tours. One year they were recognized as the ‘Top Sponsoring Distributors’ in the country, and they were awarded the ‘Shopping Bonanza Grand Prize’ of a brand new Lincoln Continental luxury car! Another year they were recognized as the ‘Top Distributors of the Year’ for all of the United  States and Canada!
 Marco and Milagro developed their 75th First Generation Manager, thus becoming Triple Diamond Managers! With this great prosperity they have been able to buy several homes and even a speed boat.

When asked what their “secrets to success” are, they mentioned  the following great points:
1) Always maintain a positive attitude
2) Use and love the products
3) Know the benefits of the products
4) Share them with others
5) Lead by example
6) Keep the lines of communication open with customers &  distributors
7) Love the people & help everyone

 The Dubons owe their success to all of their wonderful distributors. They want to express their sincerest gratitude for the considerable help and support received from President Rex Maughan, the Executive Committee,  Regional Sales Directors Rick & Kim Nitta, and their sponsors, Jaime  & Lydia Herrera. What a terrific ride it has been with FLP! From overcoming the  tragedy of a natural disaster in their homeland to enjoying the generous fruits of their  labors in Forever is truly an inspiration to all. There is no stopping now. Fly high with the  eagles!